The Monday Record

November 18, 1923 • 11:43:10 PM

Automobiles Might Not Be Good For Us

Benjamin ScottNovember 16, 1923 Google Doc

Automobiles can cause pollution, worsening conditions for alternate transportation methods, and even death?


Automobiles have several bad consequences for us. They're loud, they create pollution, they make our taxes go up, and automobile manufacturers are making up words like "jay walking" just to scare us off the road so drivers can have even more of a control on our city; finally, automobiles are even killing people! Automobiles are also causing people to move out of their home cities more often, causing the community to get disconnected, and they're also causing issues like suburbia and the further separation of classes.

Traffic Accidents

You may be seeing more automobiles on your way to work; this is because many more Americans are starting to operate automobiles. These automobiles are amazing for us when operated correctly, but as many Americans today have not had adequate training. There have been a significant amount of accidents, and that along with having few laws on the road has made driving become dangerous even with seatbelt and airbags.

Disconnected Families

The liberty of owning and driving an automobile feels amazing, but family is a much better feeling. Many Americans have found this new freedom with an "escape" from their household. This has sadly diminished the social events that would take place like family outings and get-togethers replaced by social gatherings with friends or other groups. This form of "escape" may seem nice but losing family bonds and duties can have a detrimental effect on households today.

Air Pollution

Waking up to noisy automobiles clouding streets may sound like a foggy city dream, but that's what things are starting to be like. Everyone is finding that automobiles are a useful way to get around, and that pollution comes with it. Automobiles that were released earlier in the 1920s were more inefficient than later automobiles but the manufacturers' capitalist mindset means the environment has to suffer. Automobile companies have not taken account of the effect automobiles have on the pollution in our cities and towns. This is not only your problem due to you living on the earth, but it also affects the wellbeing and health of humans everywhere.